Feeling good at home or in the office

At Wallango, we're convinced of the benefits of taking ownership of the places where we spend the most time, whether at work or at home.


Art posters for workspaces. Find the path to serenity and deep concentration with these soothing wall decorations. Enhance the well-being of your office with our serenity collection.

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Just like home

Working from home can offer many benefits, such as

  • Flexibility: Employees can set their own hours and work from anywhere with an internet connection. This can save them time and money on commuting, and it can also give them more flexibility to balance their work and personal life.
  • Comfort: Employees can work in their own space, which means they can set up their workspace to be as comfortable and productive as possible.
  • Increased productivity: Studies have shown that remote workers can be just as productive as in-office workers. In fact, some studies have shown that remote workers can be even more productive.
  • Reduced stress: Working from home can help to reduce stress levels. This is because employees avoid the daily commute, which can be stressful for many people. They also have more control over their environment, which can help them feel more relaxed and in control.
  • Improved work-life balance: Working from home can help employees improve their work-life balance. This is because they have more flexibility to take breaks, run errands, or spend time with family and friends during the workday.


Bringing the benefits of teleworking back to your employees

Your office is not a billboard. Our main idea is to go against the grain of office decorations that display the employer brand everywhere. A good company must maintain a friendly spirit, and that's what guides us at Wallango. That's why you won't find the names of the works and artists written in big letters at the bottom of our art prints (as on other, less well-thought-out sites😇).

Posters to make you happy

Bring happiness to your team with this selection of posters. From adorable animals to old-fashioned Indian illustrations, you'll be sure to keep your team smiling.

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Posters to make you dream

We all know that staying motivated can be (very) complicated. Follow us and we'll show you the pictures that will cheer you up!

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