Albrecht Dürer poster, The knight, Death and Devil

Knight, Death and the Devil

A digital book on knight imagery :

In this digital book dedicated to the figure of the knight, you'll find visual treasures from digitized historical collections. The book is divided into seven parts:

Arms and Armors/Training/Tourney /Fin’Amor/Death/Saint Michael and Saint George

Excerpt :

Bertelli makes it an allegory of death, Odilon Redon represents it as a figure of wisdom, Christic in many ways.

Dürer, who knew better than any other artist how to crystallise a myriad of dimensions in a single image, leaves us wondering whether we can grasp at a glance the place of the knight in our culture.

Should we see him as the paragon of the Christian with an unshakeable faith who, as Erasmus suggests, finds within himself the spiritual strength to follow the path of virtue?

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